Tegel collection

Tegel "Otto Lilienthal" Airport, named after the famous German pioneer of aviation, in many ways epitomises the stereotype of German engineering as being well designed, well constructed, and efficient. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the fact of its hexagonal main terminal building which has been constructed around an open square and which means that when you step out of the plane you can be as near as 30 metres from the terminal exit. Serving over 20 million passengers a year and being the hub for aerospace giants such as Easyjet, Tegel is a critical junction for many of Europe's leisure travellers and business people alike. That is why it sends its travellers to all of the top travel destinations for holiday-makers and metropolitan capitals for those seeking to broker deals. Located in Tegel, a part of the northern borough of Reinickendorf, the airport provides easy access to the German capital itself. And there one can really see the exceptional product of German architecture and engineering in all its excellence. Smooth transit along its many motorways and roads, famous for their width and ease of transport, allows you to see all the main sights of the city from the comfort of your vehicle even before you have stepped out of your car and arrived at the hotel. It is this ease of access and convenience that we have sought to encapsulate with our Tegel collection. Everything has been designed with extreme care to ensure that your item will be as functional as possible. The spirit of Otto Lilienthal in many ways lives on in the range and provides you with a bag that will be your trusty partner, whatever day you might have ahead.
This range has been constructed with ultra-precise thought and care. After a lengthy design process, the Tegel collection represents the acme of convenience. A well-thought-out and reliable collection, the bags offer you the roomiest backpacks in our range. It provides you with a full-size bag that can be used for everyday use. So whether you are heading out on your daily commute, off on a weekend trip to a sunny beach or city-break, or even just punching out on the open road to a festival, this bag offers you the functionality you need to remain adaptable.

High-quality water-resistant fabric

These days it is crucial to ensure that your devices remain free from any kind of moisture. With the advent of portable devices, has come the ability to be more flexible and to take equipment with you, but this means there is the added risk of damage in transit. In order to circumvent this issue, this Tegel range has been manufactured from the highest quality water-resistant fabrics, preparing you for the unexpected rain shower or more adverse conditions. So no matter the weather, you can be confident that your most important items are secure and free from danger.

Durable RIVACASE plastic pullers

There is nothing worse than cheaply made zips and pullers on bags. Inevitably they let you down at the worst possible moment and lead to you being unable to close or open your bag right when you need to most. Not only is this an irritant but they can lead to the loss of your most precious items when this occurs. In order to prevent this, we have made sure that this Tegel collection has been constructed with durable plastic pullers so that you can be positive that your bag won't let you down even when you need at times to be a little forceful with it.

Specially designed front pocket with dual zipper pulls

We all know the difficulty of an overloaded bag. Sometimes we have no choice but to take a few more items than we'd like, and trying to squeeze them all in can be a stressful experience. To make this experience as relaxed as possible we have made sure that this Tegel collection comes with its own specially designed front pocket with dual zipper pulls. This doubling up of zips massively helps you when you need to pack your bag full of all your items. It also creates less stress on the bag, increasing its longevity and meaning that you will be using it for years to come as your trusty partner on whatever journey.

VA-printed interior lining

It is the small things in life that make the biggest difference. The best sportspeople know that it is that extra 1 or 2 percent change in their preparation, in their practice that ends up being the difference and which can set them apart from their competitor. Similarly, with the design, it is the fine details which sets one bag apart from another. At RIVACASE we are keenly aware of this fact and ensure that our focus on the detail is always at the forefront of our minds. That is why we have included the VA-printed interior lining on this Tegel range. Because like the most celebrated tailors of suits in the world, we know that the inside lining is just as important as what's on the outside.

8460 Laptop backpack 15.6" (black, aquamarine, dark blue)

The main padded laptop compartment of this 15.6" backpack comes with a strap that securely fixes your Laptop in place to keep it as secure as possible. It also comes with a trolley strap that securely attaches the backpack to your rolling luggage so you can pass through the airport or station with ultimate ease. Two special side-pockets provide ample room for bottles of water. A ventilating system lowers body temperature at spots in contact with the backpack so that you remain as comfortable as possible on your journey. And so that you don't become snagged or hindered on your way, a strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling. Finally, a hidden zippered pocket on the back means you can stow away those extra precious items in complete security.

8455 black full size Laptop Bag 17.3"

This Tegel bag has been designed with the idea of maximizing efficiency first and foremost in mind. It has a huge storage capacity and is built for professionals, on the go, who need all things with them at all times. Made from high-quality water-resistant fabric, it has a main padded laptop compartment with a strap that securely fixes your Laptop up to 17.3'' in dimension. It has a further spacious compartment for documents and two pockets with Velcro closure for a Tablet up to 10.1'' and accessories. A front zippered pocket with an internal organization for business cards, pens, flash drives, smartphones and other accessories is available also.  Hidden pockets with Velcro closure are located on the front and back to keep your passport and wallet in ultimate security and foldable handles offer you the adaptability that is synonymous with RIVACASE.

8461 black Travel Laptop Backpack 17.3”

The efficient design of this backpack creates maximum storage capacity for professionals on the go. A multifunctional backpack for professionals who business trip or travel around the world, it offers a separate laptop compartment with padded sides and a pocket for a Tablet up to 10.5". Additional protection is ensured inside with a padded insert on the bottom. The main compartments have two cross straps for a change of clothes and personal items as well as two inner zippered grid sections for accessories or documents. Two front zipped pockets are provided with one featuring a panel for a smartphone, business cards, accessories and a detachable loop for keys. A comfortable soft handle, shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap will make for an easy ride and a side strap system for internal compression will keep you compact. A hidden pocket on the back of the backpack for a passport or wallet will maintain security, along with a strap management system to prevent excess strap material from dangling. Finally, a special side-pocket for a bottle of water is also provided.