Torngat collection

cooler bags

The Torngat Mountains National Park in Canada, are often called one of the last untamed, unspoiled places left on earth. The name takes itself from the Inuktitut word Tongait - meaning place of the spirits and the region has always been associated with myths and legends. And you can see why, the 9,700 square kilometer expanse is a land of mountains and polar bears, glaciers and caribou, where Inuits have lived, fished, and traveled for thousands of years. Because it is so incredibly remote it is not as easily accessed as its sister parks to the south. To get to the Torngat Mountains requires careful planning and registration with park officials. There are no roads and signs telling you where to go and what to see. But the wilderness is incredibly rewarding when you get there. Dramatic coastlines and thick forests give way to ancient rock formations - the wild beauty of the landscape - that is bursting with wildlife creates an awesome impression. You can be toured around the park by members of the Inuit community and connect with the wealth of knowledge that has been accrued amongst these people by living in this land long before any Europeans arrived. The park is only really visitor-friendly for four or five weeks of the year from July to August - that's the only time that it is warm enough to make the trip - which makes the fact of making it there even more special and the trip even more unique. Some rocks that you find in the park are almost four billion years old - making them some of the oldest on earth. Stand on the ground there and feel like you are stretching back in time and history. We have been inspired by this incredible park to create our Torngat collection of cooler bags. Like the park, the contents of your bag will remain unspoiled and as cold and untouched as the sublime Canadian landscape.
This collection of cooler bags optimizes everything in the direction of functionality and simplicity. The fabric of the series is light grey melange and has been especially chosen so that the bag will conduct less heat when placed in sunlight. Reliable fittings and waterproof lining help create a range you can depend on. Our Torngat series collection offers stylish, versatile and capacious cooler bags of varying sizes that are ideal for daily and long-distance travel, picnics and more adventurous activities. With this range, you will arrive with your items perfectly cooled and ready to eat and drink. Also, all models from the Torngart collection are foldable and take up very little space in storage. In total this range offers you the functionality that RIVACASE epitomizes, yet with all the detail of the most assiduous engineering.

100% leakproof

Any user of any picnic bag or water cooler will know that spillages inside the bag are inevitable. When carrying around large numbers of fluids or when discarding empty packets and bottles after you've finished, or simply when you're carrying ice with you, it is very difficult to avoid liquids ending up in the bag. What is essential though is to prevent these liquids leaking into your car or out of the bag and onto your clothes. That is why we have ensured that our cooler bags are 100% leakproof. So you can continue on your trip in the peace of mind that neither your car nor your clobber will be made dirty.

Dirt-resistant and water repellent fabric

It is important when choosing a cooler bag to make sure that it has been designed to be ergonomically effective in the conditions you will use it in. Too many times we have seen and used bags that seem to be better designed for the high-street than for the hike up the hill. With this Torngat bag however, we have made sure that it is perfectly suited to the outdoor and rugged conditions it might find itself in. That is why we have created it out of a dirt-resistant and water-repellant fabric, so that should you end up in a muddier area or get caught out in a shower, your bag won't become dirty or weigh you down.

Compact storage system

The problem with hard-cased cooler bags, but really any cooler bag in general, is that you aren't necessarily using it every day. And because of this, you want to be able to store it away efficiently. Even the best cooler bag in the world can become a hindrance if it is taking up too much space in your home. That is why this Torngat range is foldable, meaning that it will require far less space. Carefully designed, the compact storage system of the bag will mean that you can quickly and easily tuck it away in your cupboard or storage space and know that your bag isn't taking up more than its fair share of room.

Specially designed RIVACASE zipper pulls

There is nothing worse than a bag that comes with flimsy pulls that let you down at the most inopportune of moments. This kind of short-shelf life design is anathema to RIVACASE because we believe in constructing durable products that serve the customer years and years into the future. That is why we have made sure that this Borneo range comes with its own specially designed RIVACASE zipper pulls so that you can be robust with your bag if you need to be, and yet rest safe in the knowledge that you won't damage your bag and it won't be spilling its contents all across the ground when you need to be on your way.

Shock absorbing EVA padding for maximum protection

With this Borneo range, nothing has been left to chance. Your electronic items are our top priority and their protection our ultimate concern. That is why we have made sure that this collection comes with shock-absorbing EVA padding for maximum protection. This foam material will give you and your devices the ultimate protection they need, whilst also ensuring that you are not unnecessarily weighed down. This means that you can move around your day with ease and rest easy in the knowledge that when inevitable knocks and nudges arise, that your precious belongings will be safe and happy in your Borneo bag.

VA-printed interior lining

No matter how good a car looks on the outside, it's what's on the inside that really counts. Similarly, a good suit is really brought alive by a good inner lining that is both comfortable and catches the eye. It's also the small things in life that really make the difference, like the fresh scent of sea salt on the beach or of freshly mown grass in the summer. For all these reasons we have made sure that the inside of this bag is as good as the outside with the incredible detail of the VA-printed interior lining.

Multiple compartments

The whole collection of this range is typified most perhaps by the enormous options in compartments it offers. Just like the jungles of Borneo the Borneo bag contains a huge diversity of options. There are pockets and slips for your wires and your phones, for your charges and your mouses. And there are pockets for your consoles and your drone, for your laptop and your documents. Whatever it is that you need to carry with you on your day know that the Borneo bag will have you covered so that you can move about your day with everything organized and secure.

7870 black Drone Slingbag medium for 13.3" laptop

This slingbag is specially designed to carry and protect the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, Parrot Mambo and smaller enthusiast quadcopters and flying cameras. Created out of high-quality water-resistant fabric with shock absorbing EVA padding it will keep all your items in ultimate security. And with this bag quick on-the-go access to the main compartment with all your devices is possible and a capacious zippered section for a laptop, tablet and a compact drone is also provided. Dedicated inner pockets made of dense neoprene for better protection keep your drone and remote control safe. Comfortable soft handles and a shoulder strap with softened bands and a special anti-slide fixation strap will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey. And, in addition to this, the shoulder strap features a smartphone pocket with a cable outlet for headphones so you can listen to music or a podcast when in transit.

7861 dark blue Gaming backpack 17.3"

Aimed at entry price level, this multifunctional backpack is specially designed for professional gamers and ideal for business trips and travelling as well. High-quality water-resistant fabric with shock absorption EVA padding will maintain your items in complete security. The main laptop compartment comes with padded walls and bottom and an additional inner compartment for a Tablet up to 10". A capacious zippered section for all the necessary gaming accessories (headset, mouse pad, full-size keyboard and other stuff) is provided and plug your portable rechargeable battery into a USB port on the side of the backpack to charge your devices while on the go. A front zippered pocket for accessories, powerbanks, business cards, pens, smartphone and documents will keep all of your things nicely organised and an anti-theft hidden pocket on the back for a passport or wallet will keep your vital possessions safe.

7860 black Gaming backpack 17.3"

This multifunctional backpack is specially designed for professional gamers but ideal for business trips and travelling as well. Created using high-quality water-resistant fabric with shock absorbing EVA padding, the main laptop compartment comes with padded walls and bottom, and an additional inner compartment for a Tablet up to 10". A capacious zippered section for all the necessary gaming accessories (headset, mouse pad, full-size keyboard and other stuff) is also provided. Comfortable soft handles, and shoulder straps with softened bands and a sternum strap will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey. Full contact, super ergonomic design provides pleasant ventilation and keeps your back dry at all times. A trolley strap easily attaches the backpack to any rolling luggage to aid you when moving around stations or airports. And a rain cover is also provided to protect your bag if you should get caught out in a shower.

7890 black Drone Backpack large for 16" laptop

This drone Backpack for Laptops up to 16'' - is The winner of the annual TWICE Picks Awards on CES 2018. It is a backpack designed to carry and protect the DJI Phantom 3/4 and other similar sized quadcopters and flying cameras. It is a backpack whose plaudits speak for itself but to give you just some of its many features: The bag is made from high-quality water-resistant fabric with shock absorbing EVA padding. The backpack organisation system features flexible dividers, adjustable straps and compartments and is easily customisable to fit any specific quadcopter and its accessories. As well as a front zippered compartment, an additional compartment at the bottom of the backpack is provided for shoes or clothing and a zipper expansion system provides additional storage volume (extra depth - 11 cm). A side pocket gives you the option of carrying a water bottle with an additional zippered compartment for carrying small items. And a rain cover is also provided should you ever be unlucky enough to be caught in a heavy shower.