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5133 dark grey MacBook Pro 16 and Ultrabook sleeve 15.6"

Fits MacBook Pro 16
This 15.6 inch Laptop sleeve, especially crafted with a MacBook in mind, will also fit most popular Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets. Sleek, slim-line and elegant, the sleeve is ideal for urban professionals and students. It comes with the following features.
5133 dark grey MacBook Pro 16 and Ultrabook sleeve 15.6
Laptop Sleeve up to 15.6''

Product Features:
• Series of sleeves ideal for most popular Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets.
• Memory foam for ultimate protection.
• Provides maximum protection for your device from accidental hits, scratches, dust and moisture.
• Double zip-fastener provides quick and easy access.

Laptops, Ultrabooks up to 15.6” including MacBook Pro 16.
Product Weight: 0.22 kg
External dimensions: 260x23x370 mm
Inner material: Neoprene
Material: Neoprene
Laptop pocket size 360x250x20 mm
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5133 dark grey MacBook Pro 16 and Ultrabook sleeve 15.6"
5120 black Laptop bag 13.3"

urban design

Black and charcoal grey colour tones merge to give this 15.6 inch Laptop sleeve an industrial and urban look. Slim line with bold stich lines, the sleeve’s understated design communicates both elegance and informality, a versatility that suits it to all kinds of people, particularly urban business professionals and students.


The sleeve embodies multi-functionality, a cornerstone of our brand DNA, fitting most popular Laptops and Ultrabooks up to 15.6 inches including Apple MacBook Pro 16. Designed for convenience and agility, a double zip-fastener runs smoothly and provides quick and easy access should you need your device urgently while on the move, in a business meeting or at a conference or lecture.
This ultra-sleek sleeve is great for those who appreciate simplicity; there's nothing redundant here: a soft, cushioned pocket and a zipper, which is really all you need. Double zip-fastener provides easy access to your device.


Made from the highest quality durable material, the sleeve withstands the unavoidable wear and tear of urban living and long distance travel, maintaining its newness and sophistication. Memory foam tightly encases your Laptop offering maximum protection from accidental hits, dust, moisture and scratches, any of which could be the downfall of your device. But our commitment to protection doesn’t stop there. That’s why we’ve added special inner flap-over protectors designed to securely fix your Laptop preventing it from slipping out and protecting its corners from unexpected bumps and scratches, as well.