9101 (PU) HDD Case ultraviolet

9101 (PU) HDD Case ultraviolet
Portable Hard Drive or GPS Case
Product Features:
• Made of high-quality EVA material for maximum protection against external factors, accidental hits, scratches, dust and moisture
• Can be easily attached to waist belt
• Shoulder or neck strap is included
• Your device is safely fixed with a special strap within the case
• Additional inner pockets for accessories, memory cards and a cable
• Double zip-fastener provides easy access to device
2.5'' HDD or 4.3'' GPS
产品重量: 0.109 kg
外部尺寸: 40x98x148 mm
内部尺寸: 135x25x85 mm
材料: 聚氨酯
内部材料: 聚酯纤维
材料: 聚氨酯